Rosie Potestio,CM


Dying is a spiritual milestone to be celebrated

 I offer companionship to family and individuals

Spiritual companionship is a unique relationship with someone to trust, someone who walks with you along life’s journey.  This is a safe and confidential place to discuss our deepest thoughts and fears about anything.  I listen without judgment as we share thoughts about life and death.


During my years of working with people in crisis, I have developed sensitivity to the issues that surface and am able to tune in to ways to bring comfort, understanding and peace.  My purpose is to walk with you and your family during this time and to help create opportunities for understanding, peace and insights.


I am able to adapt your religious/spiritual beliefs to be with you and your family during end-of-life experiences.  I strive to be a source of comfort as we explore doubts and fears and also the beauty of the life we have been given.


I can help you and your family create a safe space for people to mourn and opportunities to bring healing.


    Provide comfort and insights to individuals who have received a terminal diagnosis

    Help families, after a diagnosis of illness, find peace, understanding and positive ways to cope.

    Assist in creating of meaningful Celebration of Life

    Provide a presence and processes for mourning and healing


Death and Dying