Rosie Potestio

Certified Interfaith Spiritual Director


Death and Dying

Death, like birth, is a life-milestone which is important to explore and embrace.  Many of the ancient cultures honored the passing from this life, I believe it is time we honor it also.

Spiritual companionship for an individual facing the end of their earthly life and for their family is a unique relationship with someone to trust, someone who walks with you through this journey.  I strive to bring comfort, understanding and peace.  This is a safe and confidential place to discuss our deepest thoughts and fears, and to release and move into greater understanding of life itself.

It is my aim to help you and your family create a safe place for opportunities to bring deep, soul healing and (for-this should be “a”) safe place for mourning.    I embrace all of the world’s religious/spiritual beliefs, and strive to be a source of comfort as we explore doubts and fears and also the beauty of the life we have been given.

I can meet with individuals in my office, or will come to your home, hospital or hospice.

Death & Dying

Rosie Potestio

Certified Interfaith
Spiritual Director