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Where and how do we bring more forgiveness into our life? The intention is to access deeper and deeper levels of forgiveness, and give you tools to let this work in your life.  We will move through blocks that keep us in the pain of the past, and embrace healthier relationships and greater spiritual and psychological well-being.   4 sessions


What if we could be grateful for absolutely everything?  This work will help you with practices to transform your life with gratefulness which produces more peace of mind and enhances mental and physical well-being.  4 sessions


Just as the physical heart sits at the center of our energy system, living a heart-centered life is living in the center of balance, appreciation, compassion and hope.  Life is full of amazing adventures – let’s explore a path that is based in our heart, where we live in the present and appreciate who we are right now. 4 sessions


Techniques and tools to live more fully in the present moment which brings new life to our living.  2 to 3 sessions structured specifically for your individual needs.

ARCHETYPES – energy guides to our highest potential

Warrior, mother, hero, entrepreneur, victim - archetypes are universal patterns of human behavior.  We see them in stories and myth where they are used as tools for learning and delving into our human nature.  Above all, they are templates for exploring the patterns of our life.  Find out which archetypal patterns you carry and explore how they inform your life and how you can work with them to empower new understandings.  4 sessions  (Includes archetypal workbook)


Our chakras (there are more than 7) are subtle energy systems within and without our body in which energy flows.  The word itself means “Wheel of spinning Energy.”  They work without any conscious effort, BUT when in balance and working in harmony with one another, our whole energy system improves.  As our energy system improves, new areas of insight and wisdom flow into our life.   4 sessions


Until you start taking on the energy, frustrations, and hurts of others.  That is called being an empath.  We all have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others; some of us though are more sensitive to this type of transference and it can be very draining and disconcerting.   Are you an empath?  There are techniques to protect and clear these energies.  4 sessions.


Do you have a group of Soul Companions who would like to explore what it means to be human in a spiritual body?  This is a time-honored practice within all of the spiritual traditions of this world.  We listen and speak from the heart to share our stories.  We empower each other, and learn together.  Suggested groups size is 3 to 4 in my office or in your home.

Individual and Group Work




Rosie Potestio

Certified Interfaith Spiritual Director


Rosie Potestio

Certified Interfaith
Spiritual Director

Individual & Group Work