Rosie Potestio,CM


Private Sessions

  • Walking with you on your Spiritual Journey

    I am a spiritual companion, walking with you on your journey of discovery and growth. I am a mentor, offering guidance and support. The spiritual journey is long, and there are hazards, and it is not good for us to be alone. I will help you sort. I will give you feedback and offer suggestions. I will point you to resources. I will care about you, encourage you, and as best I can, help you find what you seek.

    I am a careful listener because after all, this is about you and your life. Just as I listen for the voice of God in my own life, I will be listening for God in your life. I will not tell you what you ought to do. I do not know what you ought to do in the important matters of your life. Your real spiritual director is God, who has been in your life from the beginning and is always quietly prompting you. You are already living the spiritual life. I may offer suggestions, but ultimately it is God who draws you and you who make the free response.

  • Getting Started

    The process of spiritual direction unfolds gradually over time. It is a series of conversations, each usually an hour or so, perhaps once or more a month. To enjoy its benefits, you have to give it time. I need to get to know you and your world. You need to get to know me, too, so you can gradually develop trust and open up more.

    So how do we begin? I will lead the way. Let me ask you some questions. Tell me what brings you in. Tell me what you are hoping for from our relationship, but most of all, tell me about your spiritual path and how you got to where you are today. This will be an unfolding process as we build trust and understanding, and always, my response will be nonjudgmental acceptance in my respect for you.

  • Growth in the Spiritual Life

    It is growth in the spiritual life that you are seeking. But what does that mean? By what signs might we recognize it? Personal transformation takes place very gradually if we choose to be led by God. So how can you tell if you are making spiritual progress? Are you becoming more hopeful, more serene? More accepting? Readier to forgive? Are you less anxious? This is the spiritual life. This is the practice of holy living, and it is profoundly challenging. It is a project of a lifetime of open-ended growth.

    Nothing is quite so rewarding or so at the heart of what we are made for as the spiritual quest. But nothing we attempt is quite so daunting, either. That is where the spiritual director comes in, companion and guide on the spiritual journey. We are inherently social beings, needing one another for survival and growth. That is especially true in pursuing a spiritual life. If you want to grow spiritually, then meeting with a spiritual director regularly will be helpful in many ways. It will keep the spiritual life in the forefront of your consciousness. It will give you an opportunity to take stock of your life regularly, looking for how God, moves you toward growth.

    When we meet, we will look together for God's movement in all the areas of your life. Whatever we focus on in any given session, you can rely on me to listen carefully and prayerfully as we travel this sacred path together.

  • Fee

    In order to accommodate different income levels, fees are $40.00 to $75.00. Directees pay whatever they decide is financially sustainable for them within this range. My hope is that well-off directees will pay at the top end of the scale so that less well-off directees can pay at the lower end of the scale. In cases of financial difficulty, arrangements can be made to suit your situation. Financial hardship should not be a barrier to experiencing spiritual direction.

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Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Private Sessions