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Workshops and Circles

  • Forgiveness on the Spiritual Path

    Four or five-part interactive workshop offering proven strategies and techniques to help practice and grow your spiritual discipline of forgiveness ... more

    Forgiveness is the intentional process in which we change feelings and perceptions regarding something or someone who hurt us.  This is a personal decision of letting go of negative emotions which then enables us to leave the past behind.  Forgiveness does not deny the seriousness of an offense, but brings peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the today.

    We are here on earth to develop our souls and forgiveness is an integral and intimate part of that journey.  Forgiving can lead to healthier relationships and greater spiritual and psychological well-being.

  • Gratitude as a Spiritual Path

    This is an exploration into ever-deepening levels of gratitude as we integrate it more fully into our daily life... more

    4-part interactive workshop using teachings and practices that are found in all religious and spiritual wisdom.  These traditions support the work of positive psychology research which shows that a grateful life helps to produce peace of mind and enhances mental and physical well-being.  Gratitude transforms our life.

  • Living a Heart-centered Life

    Six-part interactive workshop: Just as the physical heart sits at the center of our energy system, living a heart-centered life is living in the center, it is a balanced approach, between extremes... more

    This is the path of age-old wisdom. It is the path of appreciation, happiness, compassion and hope. Each class will focus on a different aspect: Giving to Receive, Simple Acts of Gratitude, Looking for the Beautiful, Dealing with Life's Disappointments, A Strong and Healthy Body, and Love Has Everything to do With It.

    Life is full of amazing adventures and events and by creating a life of balance in thought and deed, we discover the flow to steer our course in desired directions.  We learn from our past, we live in our present and appreciate who we are right now.

  • Willpower: Harnessing Your Inner Power

    Groundbreaking scientific studies have shown that willpower, or self-control, has a physical basis and operates like a muscle, It can become depleted, AND it can be strengthened with practice. .. more

     This workshop will help you learn how to build your willpower endurance in easy, accessible steps.

    In today's world, temptation is always just around the corner, or the click of a button. This workshop combines science and practical wisdom to help you on your own Spirit-Led Path.

    Learn what triggers depletion and how you can nourish this amazing resource that can help focus and redirect our lives.

    This workshop is sometimes offered through OLLI, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSU, Chico

    Check their schedule

  • This Ain't My Stuff

    This three-part workshop is available to groups of four or more, in my office, or in your church or location of your choice... more

    We all have things, ideas, memories, thoughts, emotions, that we carry around with us, THAT ARE NOT REALLY OURS! We have picked them up, either consciously or unconsciously, and kept them. They weigh us down, and yet these are burdens that we do not really need to bear.

    PART ONE: IDENTIFYING. We will start by identifying some of the things that we carry with us and practice some easy exercises to release them. These things are not ours and we do not need to carry them with us. We do not need to keep them.

    PART TWO: MAKE A NEW MEANING. Continuing the work begun in the first workshop, we will address issues that can be left behind before we pick them up.

    PART THREE: FORGIVENESS IS A NOT A DIRTY WORD. Continuing the work of Part One and Two, focusing on the difficult task of forgiveness.

    Call me for more information about creating one of these workshops for your group. From time to time I offer scheduled workshops in my office. Please let me know your interest and I will contact you via e-mail.

    • FEES: $40.00 per attendee, with a minimum of four

    This workshop is sometimes offered through OLLI, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSU, Chico

    Check their schedule

  • Mindfullness Workshop

    This one-part, two hour interactive workshop gives you tools to use in your daily life to fully practice mindfulness and live in the present moment... more

    Call me for more information.

  • Wisdom Circles

    A place to practice heart-to-heart communication skills, to heal wounds, to find the courage to act upon that "still small voice within" ... more

    Wisdom Circles are places to share a vision, define a mission: places where we can create a community, where we can learn to be more fully ourselves, while simultaneously becoming an integral part of the group.  A Wisdom Circle asks the question, "What can we learn from our own and each other's experiences?"

    All share common elements

    •  The Circle is honored as sacred time and space

    •  We ask to be informed by our highest human values such as compassion and truth.

    •  We express gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the blessings and teachings of life.

    •  We create a safe container for full participation and deep truth-telling.

    •  We listen from the heart and serve as a compassionate witness for the others in the circle.

    •  We speak from the heart and from direct experience.

    •  We make room for silence to enter.

    •  We empower each member to be a co-facilitator of the process.

    •  We honor a commitment to confidentiality.

    FEES are flexible. If you are interested in starting a Wisdom Circle, or joining an existing one, please contact me.

Workshops - Circles

Workshops - Circles